Starting a Business in the City of Junction

There are many requirements related to starting a business in Texas and the state provides an alphabetical directory of required licenses, permits and registrations. A visit to the following website will provide more information on these requirements:

In addition, the City of Junction requires that a City Permit or License be obtained to:
  1. Build a building or other structure.
  2. Build on to an existing building or structure.
  3. Move a building.
  4. Perform any type of plumbing, such as replacing water and/or sewer lines, water heaters, sprinkler systems, gas yard lines, etc. For commercial plumbing, a state licensed plumber is required to perform the work.
  5. Solicit door-to-door.
  6. If applicable, keeping dogs or certain livestock.
(Note: Rental property is considered commercial property.)

If one is building, adding on or moving any structure in the floodplain or floodway, a “Flood Development Permit and Elevation Certificate” must be obtained.

The City of Junction does not currently have any zoning regulations.

Additional information on all of the preceding City requirements may be obtained by contacting the City Secretary, 730 Main Street , Junction , TX 76849-4627. (Telephone contact information: (325) 446-2622 Fax – (325) 446 3003.)

In order to obtain any type of utility services from the City for property located outside the City limits, the City should be contacted about the availability of such services and requirements related to obtaining these services, including easement requirements.